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Simplified Bar & Restaurant Alcohol Purchasing

Downtown Spirits provides spirits and wine purchasing made easy. Simplify your purchasing by consolidating vendors and invoicing. Contact our team today to start the process and reclaim your time!

Simplified purchasing!

No more managing many vendor deliveries each week at varying hours on their time schedule. Purchasing at Downtown Spirits simplifies this process by consolidating your alcohol purchasing. Order any product we carry seven days a week and have the product in hand within hours (in our delivery area).

Reclaim your time and get your doors open quickly.



Ole Thompson – Wholesale Manager

To introduce myself I jokingly tell people I’m the only sommelier named after a cheap beer, but the real story is that my entire career has been built by taking good wine programs and elevating them to a higher level. The most recognized example of this was in 2009, after I took over a very good wine program at Wild Ginger restaurant and over 6 years turned it into a program that was featured in Wine Spectator magazine as one of the 80 restaurants in the world worthy of their Grand Award.


Please reach out to me at wholesale@downtownspirits.com, or stop by and say hi if you see me in the store. I’d love to hear your ideas for how we can improve and learn what you like to drink.

Do it yourself!

Now Order Online!


Already know what you want? Just shop our online product assortment and have your on-premise tax rates applied. We will pick your order and advise when it is ready or deliver to you (7-days per week from morning until evening). To view our delivery hours visit downtownspirits.com/info


Free delivery on orders over $200 within our local delivery area.

No fuss payment!

We offer a myriad of ways to settle payment including Fintech, cash, check and all major credit cards.

Class H Tax Rates

Downtown Spirits is pleased to extend to you Class H tax rates. For more information, please visit our help center here.

Last Minute Fulfillment

Deliveries can be made in as fast as 1 hour. If you are looking for a last minute Champagne for glass pours or a new pinot noir to offer by the bottle, we can help make your wine offering pop!

Ordering online is simple!

Sit down for a trade tasting with us!

Throughout the year there will be several opportunities for wine and spirits buyers to come together with us to sample dozens of our direct exclusive fine wines and spirits. For more info email wholesale@downtownspirits.com for info on upcoming trade events.


We also offer 1-on-1 opportunities to sample our offering at your request.

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We deliver 7 days per week throughout the greater Seattle area. Make your team smile today!